Commemorative Benches

A commemorative bench is a wonderful and enduring way to celebrate and honour a treasured loved one or special event. Whether you would like a hand-carved inscription or an engraved stainless steel or brass plaque, we will help you to create a personal and meaningful message to enrich your teak bench. A personalised memorial bench would make an impressive and beautiful gift for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and other celebrated milestones. It can also be a very touching way to memorialise the life of a dearly departed loved one.

Below we have listed a number of options that are available to you in creating your very own personalised bench. If you require any assistance or advice, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly sales team who will endeavour to help you create a truly personal remembrance bench.

Engraved Memorial Plaques

We offer our plaques in traditional brass or contemporary stainless steel to suit your needs. Characters are infilled and stove enamelled in black or white. Our standard sized plaques are 150mm x 50mm, although we can increase the length by 50mm increments on request to incorporate larger amounts of text or graphics.

Choose from these four fonts for your special engraved messages:

Modern a sans serif font for clear and simple messages, ideal for names and dates

Roman a serif font to create a traditional feel suited to quotes and phrases

Informal a playful hand-written style to represent a joyful, light-hearted message

Script a calligraphy style font for a sophisticated and ornate message

If you would like to discuss these options, or if you need any further information or help at all, please give our friendly team a call on 020 8655 6243 and they will be happy to provide any information or advice you require.

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Teak Memorial Benches

Brass Plaques

Hand Carving  Faith Carving  Engraved Roman  Butterfly Carving

Hand Carved Lettering

Let us carve a line of text to the seat rail or lower seat rail, ideal for longer and more detailed inscriptions. We can also carve an emblem, family crest or business logo into your bench. We are able to personalise your bench to whatever degree you require and beyond the options listed here on the website so contact us to discuss your requirements.

Choose from two beautiful fonts for perfect carved inscriptions:

Modern a sans serif font for clear and simple messages, ideal for names and dates

Roman a serif font to create a traditional feel suited to quotes and phrases

If you would like to discuss the available options in more detail, or need any help at all, please call our friendly team on 020 8655 6243.

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Personalised Bespoke Benches

If you would like to further personalise your commemorative bench we can also offer the below services:

Font colouring on your plaque, ideal for adding boldness to your message.

Different locations for your engraving or plaque (e.g. seat or armrest).

Choice of style and finish e.g. finely sanded, painted or distressed.

Customisable dimensions e.g. wider arms, wider slats, heightened or lowered seat height, etc.

For further information about how you can create the perfect commemorative bench, please call our helpful team on 020 8655 6243.

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